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Should You Install Roof Heating Cables in Hyde Park, NY?

Ice dams have traditionally been one of the most significant wintertime issues for homeowners. Water rushes down the roof’s surface when the snow melts on the roof. As the external temperature drops, the melted water refreezes, causing damage to the roof. If left untreated, it can lead to mildew and mold growth, which is harmful to the health of every house occupant.

Many homeowners are compelled to contact the best roofing company in Hyde Park, NY, when ice dams develop. Since ice dams can be troublesome, it only makes sense to leave the work to experts, including chimney sweeping. However, did you know that roof heating cables can effectively minimize the formation of ice dams?

Roofing Experts Hyde Park, the best roofing company in Hyde Park, NY, shares their thoughts on roof heating cable installation in Hyde Park, NY.

What are Ice Dams

Before we get into the specifics of installing roof heating cable, you need to understand ice dams, their origins, and how to prevent them from forming on your roof.

Your home retains heat in the cold. Your home’s interior heat tends to melt the snow and ice on your roof, causing the melt-off water to pour down the roof. But because it is winter and the ambient temperature is below freezing, the water also freezes, resulting in a dam-like accumulation of ice. Due to a process known as capillary action, this obstruction forces the water and ice to flow back up beneath the shingles.

If the dripping water penetrates your home, it will cause leaks in your ceiling and walls. It can also cause additional damage to your home. The sheer weight of ice dams may wreak havoc on roof gutters and overhangs.

At Roofing Experts Hyde Park, the best way to stop ice dams is to ensure that the roof and eaves have the same temperature. This is only possible if the roof has adequate insulation and ventilation. But suppose you don’t have the time or skill to update your roof’s insulation and ventilation. In that case, you can always protect your roof against ice dams with roof heating cables with the help of the best roofing company in Hyde Park, NY. 

Should You Install Roof Heating Cables?

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Using roof heating cables is one of the most efficient techniques to avoid the creation of ice dams. They are helpful, inexpensive, and relatively simple to install. Hyde Park, NY’s best roofing company, recommends self-regulating wires for optimal outcomes. These roof heating cables are significantly superior to those with constant wattage. Self-regulating heat wires are suitable for deicing gutters and unfreezing pipes. At the same time, constant wattage is ideal for snow-melting and heating floors.

Safety Reminder From The Best Roofing Company in Hyde Park, NY

Always prioritize safety, especially while installing roof heating cables. UL-listed heat tape is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal. UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) is an independent, non-profit testing laboratory that reviews a wide variety of products and services for the benefit of everybody. If a producer is not UL-listed, their products are likely to fail.

Roof heating cables are excellent against ice dams, but improper installation could result in fire or electric shock. The same holds for heat cables placed for five years. It is preferable to replace them rather than use them for longer.

Make sure you have a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlet before initiating the project. Roof heating cables must be connected directly to a GFCI outlet. The best roofing company in Hyde Park, NY, strongly advises avoiding connecting the heating cables to extension cords. Since roof heating cables typically range from 30 to 200 feet, an extension cord is unnecessary. And suppose you’re concerned about not having a GFCI outlet. In that case, you may replace your old outlet with one from a local electrical supply store.

Hire the Best Roofing Company to Install Your Roof Heating Cables

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We’ve already covered the importance of roof heating cables on your property, but we haven’t considered the safety of the installation process. The thing is, heating cable installation isn’t easy, particularly if your home is tall and has high-pitched roofs. You may be tempted to install roof heating cables on your own, but are you willing to take the risk of falling from your roof?

This is one of the key reasons why many homeowners use Hyde Park, NY, roofing companies like ours, Roofing Experts Hyde Park. We know how to properly install a roof heating cable in the quickest and most efficient way. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of installing roof heating cables in your home.